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Scale Your Asset Inspections with an
All-In-One Platform
Auto-detect defects. No-fuss photogrammetry. Better infrastructure asset management.

Choose gNext to:

  • Perform inspections 5x faster with asset monitoring in PlanView, Elevation, 2D/3D, Contour, Point Cloud, and DTM models
  • Process your data automatically with your choice of 40+ pre-defined asset types – no photogrammetry skills required
  • Detect defects in concrete structures automatically with AI InspectAssist™
  • Find 20-30% more defects than traditional inspection methods
  • Reduce inspection time and costs by 60% or more

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How It Works

1. Collect data

No matter how you collect the data, gNext can deliver the right model for you to get the job done. Collect using drone, 360 camera, or whatever you like best. The more data the better. Our drone inspection software is compatible with whichever drone or sensor you choose to use.

Some data types you can upload include:

  • Images
  • Video (high and low resolution) for streaming, editing, and annotating
  • 360 images
  • Plan drawings (DFX) which can be toggled on and off over the 2D or 3D model view

2. Upload and process with gNext

Start a new project in gNext, add a bit of defining information, and then choose from 40+ pre-defined asset types for automatic processing in our cloud-based visualization platform. Add Ground Control Point (GCP) coordinates if desired (optional).

Next, drag and drop your data into the platform (or select Skydio Cloud as your data source), press ‘Upload and Process’, and you’ll receive an email when the project is complete and ready to inspect!

3. Perform asset inspections digitally

Newly released InspectAssist™ AI locates and annotates up to 90% of defects, saving you hours and even days of work.

Start by viewing your asset data with Textured Mesh in 3D, Point Cloud, Contour, Elevation, Terrain or 2D Orthophoto models. There are dozens of analytic gathering tools to use to complete your job remotely.

You can calculate volumes, measure distances and grades, examine defect detail, compare models for change-over-time analysis, annotate on your model, images, video and more.

You always have access to your original images by clicking anywhere within the model.

4. Keep all your data in one place

Keep a single source of truth with your data in one secure, cloud-based platform. Then share your project with the right people to keep everyone on track.

The gNext Platform includes a document management system that supports upload for PDF files and is being expanded over time to include other data types. Documents can be attached to specific points in the model as desired.

Create reports instantly and print, save, and send to colleagues, clients, and more – without an extra login.

Get Better Asset Inspections with gNext


Complete inspections faster

gNext processes your image data to deliver high-quality models and reports so you can make confident decisions quickly.


Provide safety

Use your experts to recommend maintenance and repair instead of working at height, using heavy equipment, or working in traffic.


Deliver reports in less time

Annotate areas of concern or repair, make notes and measurements, and include them in your report with a few clicks.


Keep assets organized

Keep a single source of truth for better data management. Track and manage conditions continuously and save resources.


Collaborate remotely

Share your inspection projects with co-workers or clients to keep all stakeholders involved and the project on track.


Control project costs

Spend fewer hours on site and at the office collecting, sorting, and sharing your data.

gNext Works for

Using gNext saves up to 60% of the cost of inspection, meaning you can do almost twice the amount of inspections for the same budget.