gnext latest platform releases include AI-powered defect detection and single sign-on

gNext Platform Fall Release 2023: AI-Powered Defect Detection & SSO

Technology like the gNext Platform has become essential for safeguarding critical infrastructure assets in our society. We’re excited to annouce two new features: AI-powered defect detection and single sign-on. With continually evolving features, gNext empowers customers to conduct vital infrastructure inspections collaboratively, efficiently, and securely.

gNext ai-powered defect detection

The gNext Platform Fall Release 2023

With a commitment to continually improving user experience, security, and functionality, we have recently released some new features.

  1. AI-powered defect detection and quantification with InspectAssist™
  2. Easily streamline the authentification process with Single Sign-On (SSO)

We aim to introduce these new releases to strengthen our platform and deepen users’ trust in gNext while boosting their capabilities and confidence during inspections. The latest additions will improve our platform’s functionality and user experience.

AI-Powered Defect Detection and Quantification with InspectAssist™

gNext unveiled a new AI inspector assistant, InspectAssist™, which assists with detecting distressed or deteriorated areas starting with concrete infrastructure. The AI-powered defect detection solution offers advanced capabilities to identify and quantify a variety of defects commonly found in concrete structures, including bridges, dams, bridge decks, and water towers.

The inspector assistant will also allow customers to track these critical areas of interest over time. This release dramatically cuts down manual inspection time by locating, annotating, and quantifying results. Results can be exported to popular CAD systems as well as CSV files for tabulating results. Say goodbye to inspection bottlenecks with gNext InspectAssist™!

Currently, this feature is available for concrete structures, including bridges, dams, bridge decks, cooling towers, etc., and will grow to include other structures over time.

Bridge model debuting AI-powered InspectAssist™. Data captured by Burgess & Niple Engineering and Architecture Firm.
gNext AI-powered defect detection found and quantified cracks in bridge
gNext Platform: Crack annotation is shown in red, labeled, and measured using the AI-powered defect detection, InspectAssist™️.
gNext AI-powered defect detection found and quantified spalling in bridge
gNext Platform: Spalling annotation is shown in orange with precise measurements that easily export into popular CAD systems.

Streamline Authentification Processes with SSO

Introducing the Single Sign-On (SSO) feature represents a major improvement in user convenience and security on the gNext Platform.

SSO allows users to access the platform with just one set of credentials, streamlining the login process and eliminating the need for multiple usernames and passwords. gNext users can seamlessly navigate between various gNext features and third-party integration without the hassle of repeated logins.

This new capability also enhances security by centralizing user authentication and makes it easier for administrators to manage access control. With SSO, gNext users can save time, boost productivity, and trust in an improved level of data protection.

Perform Infrastructure Inspections 5x Faster with the gNext Platform

The gNext Platform provides powerful analytics combined with AI and machine learning to provide faster, more accurate infrastructure inspections. Choosing gNext enables users to:

  • Quickly perform inspections with asset monitoring in PlanView, Elevation, 2D/3D, Contour, Point Cloud, and DTM models
  • Process your data automatically with your choice of 40+ pre-defined asset types: no photogrammetry skills required
  • AI-powered defect detection with automatically with Computer Vision Assist™
  • Find 20–30% more defects than traditional inspection methods

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) and computer vision at the core of our software, clients benefit from a user-friendly interface and the power to perform more accurate inspections and surveys.

gNext significantly enhances critical infrastructure sectors, insurance companies, engineering firms, construction companies, and more. AI is incorporated into everything at gNext, differentiating us from other digital inspection software. The gNext Platform will continue to support the infrastructure inspection industry. Our commitment to integrating innovative technologies propels us to new heights in the industry as we continually advance.

Process Your Data Automatically with the gNext Platform

gNext is dedicated to enhancing the safety and sustainability of global infrastructure. We consistently provide features tailored to industry demands and are committed to further enhancing the gNext Platform’s capabilities to empower our customers.

Partner with gNext to take your infrastructure inspections to the next level. We strive to improve user experience, security, and functionality within our platform, so we are eager to release these updates to you. We look forward to releasing more in the future.

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