gNext is Set to Present at IHEEP 2023

gNext Labs today announced it will be presenting at the International Highway Engineering Exchange Program (IHEEP) conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, on October 4, 2023.

The conference brings together transportation engineers, vendors, officials, leaders and industry representatives from various countries, states, counties, cities, and consulting firms, from both North America and Europe who are “elevating industry” through technological and process advancements. The conference provides a rare opportunity to share experiences and gather with people who are creating change in our field.

“We’ve seen lot of changes take place within the infrastructure asset industry and we’re eager to share some of the ways companies can reduce risk, increase efficiencies, and save time detecting defects through AI and drones,” said Russ Ellis, President of gNext.

Transforming Asset Inspections Using Drones and Artificial Intelligence

The presentation will discuss the transformative integration of drone technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a supplementary tool in the inspection of infrastructure assets.

The adoption of drones enables more efficient and accurate inspections, while minimizing risk in the process. A cloud-based solution that harnesses photogrammetry and AI capabilities is used to generate high-resolution digital twins of infrastructure, aiding in the detection and quantification of defects.

NE DOT Pier Bridge, side by side example of digital twin and original image used for bridge inspection. Digital twin processed by gNext.
Digital twin with annotated cracks and original image to the right, taken by Collins Engineers and Jon Starr, Engineering Technology and UAS Program Leader for Nebraska Department of Transportation.

This approach leverages the vast computational power and scalability of cloud technology to analyze and interpret inspection data, facilitating efficient and accurate assessment of infrastructure health.

By applying change-over-time visualization techniques, this method serves as a potent addition to traditional asset health monitoring strategies, promoting proactive maintenance.

Video features change over time visualization in the gNext Platform, from Vinci Construction.

The integration of drones, advanced photogrammetry, cloud computing, and AI, rather than replacing current methods, brings a significant enhancement to asset management for Department of Transportation (DOT) agencies and engineering firms.

The presentation will highlight a customer use case, demonstrating the practical application, and immense benefits of this innovative approach.

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Learn More at the IHEEP Conference

The conference will be taking place October 1–5, 2023, with the gNext presentation details below:

  • What: Transforming Asset Inspections Using Drones and Artificial Intelligence
  • Who: Speakers are Co-Founder, Abraham Lama Salomon and President, Russ Ellis
  • When: October 4, 2023 @ 4:20pm
  • Where: Main ballroom 172, Hilton Salt Lake City Center
  • Address: 255 S. West Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84109

Need a ticket to the conference? Head to the IHEEP 2023 Conference website to get yours. There are special deals for attendees, guests, and UDOT employees if you purchase in advance of the conference.

About gNext: gNext’s comprehensive inspection platform empowers infrastructure asset management and future-proofs the processes employed to keep our critical infrastructure safe and steadfast. Custom-built and cloud-based, gNext offers a secure platform that combines drone-collected data with artificial intelligence and 3D modeling that enables inspectors the ability to analyze the integrity of assets safely, accurately, and collaboratively from a remote location. Learn more at

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