gNext Unveils Ultra-Fast Native IIQ Processing Integration for Phase One Sensors 

GNext’s integration with Phase One makes processing Intelligent Image Quality (IIQ) files captured from their innovative sensors seamless – something that used to be time and resource intensive. 

What Was Processing IIQ Files like Before Our Integration? 

Phase One’s iXM-RS full frame aerial cameras offer ultra-high resolution, fast capture speed, and enhanced light sensitivity – making it easy to capture crisp and defined data for digital twins and 2D maps. The data captured by these sensors is called IIQ RAW, which is a proprietary RAW image format developed by Phase One. 

Because of the file type and high resolution, in the past there was a barrier to processing the data. 

It was a time and storage-intensive process composing of a couple of steps. First, you had to convert the IIQ file format to JPEG, which often took many hours and most of your device bandwidth. Then, once you had the JPEG format, you had to process the data with your preferred drone data processing solution to get your map or model deliverable.  

Another downside that accompanied the conversion process was loss in image resolution.  

Processing IIQ Files with gNext 

GNext is pleased to be a preferred data processing partner of Phase One, offering an optimized IIQ file conversion process that makes processing data from Phase One Sensors seamless. Goodbye lengthy IIQ conversions! 

With the integration, we’ve eliminated the IIQ file conversion pre-processing so you can get right to work processing your data with improved results.  

Simply upload your Phase One native IIQ sensor data into gNext and enjoy the same ultra-fast processing and high-resolution models you’re used to. And you can still annotate directly on images or the 2D / 3D model to complete your digital inspections.  

“We are excited to partner with gNext to streamline the data processing workflow for our customers,” said Michael Ølund, Product Manager at Phase One. “This integration represents a significant advancement in our commitment to provide our customers with end-to-end solutions that both enhance their productivity and ensures unrivalled data quality.” 

Russ Ellis, Presidet of gNext adds, “gNext is thrilled to be recognized as a preferred data processing partner of Phase One. Our optimized IIQ integration ensures seamless data processing from Phase One sensors, bidding farewell to lengthy conversions to JPEG. With this integration, we’ve eradicated the need for pre-processing, empowering users to dive straight into processing their data with enhanced efficiency and superior results.” 

This partnership between Phase One and gNext promises to elevate the standard of data processing in aerial inspections, offering users unparalleled efficiency and superior results. 


We hope this integration makes processing and digital inspections even easier for Phase One and gNext customers. 

Request a demo to see how seamless the transition to a digital inspection platform can be. And be sure to follow us on LinkedIn to learn more about how gNext can help your organization future-proof critical infrastructure. 

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