bret gardner gnext sales executive

Introducing Bret Gardner, gNext’s Enterprise Sales Executive

gNext is excited to announce the recent hiring of Bret Gardner for the position of Enterprise Sales Executive.

A resident of Colorado, Bret earned his B.S. in Business/Marketing degree from Syracuse University in New York and has spent nearly the last 20 years sharpening his skills in consulting, relationship management, and business development.

Bret comes to us with a plethora of experience in technology, partnerships, and strategy. He is a well-rounded business development and account management professional who has implemented multi-million dollar geospatial proposals and contracts for not only federal, state, and local companies, but for Fortune 500 national and global commercial entities as well.

Prior to joining the gNext team, Bret worked for XYZ GeoSolutions, a geospatial advisory firm, as Principal where he provided consulting services, worked on contract business development, and was the subject matter expert on remote sensing. At gNext, Bret will oversee the development of the company’s accounts and identify business opportunities that best leverage our capabilities.

Aside from his professional life, Bret loves the outdoors. You can often find him combing through geospatial and environmental data for fun, or fly fishing on the open water. We’re excited to have Bret be a part of the gNext team.

gNext Labs is an enterprise data analytics company providing the ability to harness video and image data and transform it into actionable business and operational intelligence. Our proprietary cloud-based SaaS system creates a highly accurate point cloud and 3D models as digital replicas to solve various industrial missions. These models provide analytics that offers highly valuable data-driven insights. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence enable automated feature detection and predictive analysis. With Computer Vision, the way data analytics are handled in the future is becoming a reality today.

gNext Labs is building next-generation solutions that will help shape how inspections are performed in the future. Learn more about who we are and how we can help your organization visualize data to make smarter decisions:

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