3D model of high rise building inspections

Helios Visions Transforms Building Inspections with gNext

Helios Visions, an innovative aerial data collection company based in Chicago, Illinois, has been revolutionizing the industries of Architecture, Engineering, Construction (AEC), and Commercial Real Estate.

Focused on leveraging drone technology for data collection, Helios Visions has become a key player in transforming traditional building inspections. According to co-founders Ted Parisot and Tyler Gibson, the organization’s primary objective is to provide architects, engineers, property managers, condo boards, building owners, and construction companies with detailed 3D, visual, and thermal data that aids inspection.

3D model of images from high-rise building inspection processed by gNext

With building inspections, accurate data capture is crucial for ensuring the safety and maintaining the life of the building. Helios Visions saw an opportunity to improve and support traditional inspection methods and found a partner with gNext, the experts in enterprise data analytics for infrastructure inspections.

In this case study, we will explore the challenges Helios Visions encountered during building inspections and the impact that gNext’s solution had on their operations.

The Challenges Before gNext

Building inspections are crucial for meeting facade ordinance requirements and ensuring public safety. Before integrating gNext into its workflow, Helios Visions faced several challenges during the inspection process.

“The need for an efficient solution that could replace or supplement traditional inspections and provide accurate, high-quality data was apparent,” Parisot mentioned.

Labor-Intensive Inspection Process

Traditionally, engineers relied solely on inspection methods using binoculars, scaffolding, lifts, or rope access. Building inspections mandated by façade ordinances were costly, time-consuming, and potentially hazardous.

Complex Data Handling

Helios Visions faced challenges handling large datasets, resorting to unconventional methods and “hacking” solutions to fit their needs. Data delivery issues were also an issue. Large dataset deliverables were difficult, sometimes requiring physical delivery via external hard drives.

Administrative Bottlenecks

The use of multiple platforms and software created its share of administrative challenges, hindering workflows and the overall efficiency of Helios Visions’ services offered to their customers.

3D model from building inspection

Finding the Solution for Efficient Building Inspections

“In our search to revolutionize building inspections, finding the right software solution was paramount,” Ted Parisot mentioned. Helios Visions initially used download links for single image folders and employed basic photo editing tools for inspection data. These methods were inefficient and lacked the precision required for vertical inspections. While searching for a suitable solution, most software fell short of what they offered, especially in GPS-challenging environments typical of high-rise buildings. The introduction to gNext changed the game for Helios Visions.

Search & Discovery: Helios Visions discovered gNext through an online search and was impressed with its platform’s capabilities.

Feature Rich: gNext’s photogrammetry engine, intuitive interface, and unique features like video annotations made it stand out amongst the rest. Along with annotation capabilities, the gNext platform possessed other unique features such as AI analysis, Visual Lock, and View Lock that helped distinguish the platform from other drone inspection software.

Tailored Solutions: gNext provided specific asset types and created a custom solution to address the processing challenges Helios Visions faced. The ability to seamlessly integrate with Helios Visions’ workflow, even in GPS-light environments, addressed the specific challenges faced during building inspections.

The Benefits of gNext as the Infrastructure Inspection Software Solution

With gNext, Helios Visions found a tailored solution that helped streamline workflows and revamped its approach to building facade inspections. Helios Visions experienced a multitude of benefits that revolutionized its approach to these types of challenging inspections, such as:

  1. Efficient Data Sharing
  2. Cloud Storage and Resource Savings
  3. Intuitive Navigation and Superior Photogrammetry
  4. Customization and Support
  5. Workflow Optimization and Speed
3D model of images from high-rise building inspection

Efficient Data Sharing

One of the key differentiators that gNext offers is the ability to share data with customers without requiring them to create additional logins or pay for extra logins. This creates a seamless experience for customers, allowing them to easily access and utilize the shared data.

This feature empowers Helios Visions customers to collaborate, view the asset in 3D, perform annotations, measure, and report on their findings.

Before finding gNext, Helios Visions clients relied on basic image editing software and PDFs to mark up the inspection data. Sharing this information was a challenge and made team collaboration difficult.

Client access management has allowed Helios Visions to streamline project sharing with clients. Instead of manually delivering hard drives, the company can now grant specific permissions to clients, enabling them to access and collaborate on projects more efficiently. This saves time and ensures better control and security over project files.

Cloud Storage and Resource Savings

Integration with gNext’s cloud storage feature eliminated data storage issues faced with traditional methods, resolving issues related to large datasets. Helios Visions clients benefited from significant resource savings by using a third party to store and manage these large datasets.

Intuitive Navigation and Superior Photogrammetry

gNext’s intuitive and user-friendly software interface, including the “View Lock” tool, made the 2D and 3D inspection data easy to navigate. The superior photogrammetry engine provided accurate and reliable results, especially vertical inspections. While some photogrammetry-capture skills are helpful, the platform’s intuitive software allows users to navigate without extensive training. “gNext’s photogrammetry engine proved to be one of the best in the industry, giving our clients accurate and reliable results,” said Gibson.

Customization and Support

Helios Visions valued the collaboration with gNext to create a custom asset type for specific challenges, showcasing the platform’s flexibility. “The support and customer service provided by gNext were one of the biggest highlights, which is a significant differentiator in the industry, providing a valuable partnership experience,” Parisot mentioned.

Workflow Optimization and Processing Speed

gNext provided faster processing times compared to other solutions, improving overall efficiency and allowing for a quick turnaround in delivering results to Helios Visions clients. The seamless workflow capabilities enabled the upload of large datasets simultaneously, allowing multiple projects to be processed at once.

Scalability: Multiple projects processing simultaneously in gNext allowed Helios Visions to enhance field inspections, delivering data to clients more quickly. This streamlined workflows and enhanced overall efficiency in the process.

3D model of damages for building inspection

How Helios Visions Customers Benefit from gNext

gNext has helped Helios Visions revolutionize how its customers improve their processes and decision-making. Here are a few ways gNext has helped customers in different sectors elevate their operations:

  1. Enhanced Visualization & Collaborative Design Reviews for Architects Architects leverage the 3D models and visualizations for a comprehensive understanding of the building’s facade, aiding in design decisions and renovations. The easily shareable links facilitate collaborative design reviews, allowing architects to work seamlessly with project stakeholders and make informed decisions based on accurate data.
  2. Accurate Assessments and Efficient Inspections for Structural Engineers gNext’s superior software engine ensures precise measurements, aiding structural engineers in conducting accurate assessments of the building’s integrity. The streamlined workflow and resource efficiency contribute to quicker inspections, enabling structural engineers to promptly identify and address potential issues.
  3. Cost-Effective Maintenance Planning and Collaborative Reporting for Property Managers Property managers benefit from the cost-effectiveness of drone-based inspections, enabling proactive maintenance planning based on accurate and up-to-date data. The collaborative features in gNext allow property managers to share inspection reports easily with stakeholders, fostering transparent communication and informed decision-making.

Improved Performance and Client Satisfaction by Partnering with gNext

Helios Visions’ integration of gNext has addressed their challenges in building inspections and significantly enhanced their overall operational efficiency. The combination of drone technology and gNext’s advanced features has provided clients with more accurate, faster, and cost-effective solutions.

The partnership demonstrates the power of innovation in transforming traditional industries and creating new standards for data collection and analysis in drone-based building facade inspections and infrastructure inspection industries.

The collaboration has improved the efficiency and accuracy of their services and enhanced the overall client experience. Helios Visions continues leading the way in the drone-based building facade and infrastructure inspection industries with a focus on safety, cost-effectiveness, and cutting-edge technology.

At gNext, we value our relationship with our customers. Proper communication, understanding of business operations, and the overarching goal to improve society’s infrastructure fuels our drive for excellence. gNext is committed to providing innovative solutions that help infrastructure inspectors and asset owners thrive in the digital age.

Interested in learning more about gNext and how we can help streamline infrastructure inspections? Request a demo to watch gNext in action. Follow us on LinkedIn for updates and the latest platform releases.

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