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The Easy Button of Data Processing

High-res digital twins with no training, hardware, or data management required


Scale your inspections with ease

As infrastructure ages, our scalable tools will future proof the digital inspection process. 

The gNext Platform saves inspectors up to 60% of the cost and time of inspection, meaning you can do almost twice the amount of inspections for the same budget.

An average manual bridge inspection 

gNext is digital inspection software for: transportation, energy, and water infrastructure; construction, cell towers, insurance, mining, quarrying, and more.  

gNext works well with all drones and sensors. Need a drone recommendation? Check out our partners.


Automatically process high-resolution digital twins

40+ predefined asset types deliver automatic processing. No downloads or hardware are needed for data processing. High-quality model layers include 3D mesh, point clouds, digital elevation models (DEM), terrain, contour and 2D orthophoto. 

  • All processing and storage are secured and encrypted in the cloud 
  • Keep the full resolution of your images or other data (no down-sampling)  
  • Visualize multiple as-built and as-design data layers
  • Thermal mapping and modeling 

Save time with InspectAssist™, AI-powered defect detection

You get a full digital inspection platform to analyze your asset conditions, including damages, defects, and areas of vulnerability, using a variety of tools plus AI that assists in automatic detection of defects. Draw, annotate, and add documents to your models, maps, images, and videos for simplified workflows.  

  • Change-over-time visualization with multiple data sets   
  • Calculate volumes, measure distances, grades, and more   
  • Light enhancement tools to brighten dark images and examine defect detail  
  • A.I.-based InspectAssist™ supports the annotation process 

Deliver full reports instantly

One of the lengthiest processes in manual inspecting has been report creation. With the gNext Platform, you get advanced reporting features like stockpile analysis, annotation, processing, and inspection reports.

  • Export any report to PDF format within seconds
  • Export model data into popular formats like LAS/LAZ, OBJ, DXF, GeoTIFF, and GeoJSON for use in other software

Asset organization that scales as you do 

Whether you have hundreds or thousands of assets- gNext is there. All your asset data is stored in a secure, encrypted, cloud-based environment that you can access from any device with just a browser connection.  

With the document management system, you can attach any document relevant to the inspected asset, such as prior inspection reports, material tests, and plan views. This serves as your single source of truth, consolidating all inspection data. 

  • Works on all devices and manufacturers: mobile, tablet, and desktop 
  • Only need a supported browser and internet connection 

Collaborate remotely 

Share your maps, models, reports, and more with co-workers, clients, and other key stakeholders to keep projects moving. No extra logins required. 

Data security and compliance

We’re committed to providing top-tier security and compliance to protect your data and ensure your peace of mind. The gNext platform employs rigorous security measures and compliance protocols to safeguard your information throughout every interaction you have with our services.

  • SOC 2 Type 1 compliance
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  • AWS hosting
  • Firewall protection and intrusion detection
  • Disaster recovery

No barriers to starting 

No special training is needed to use the gNext Platform. Our automatic processing and intuitive user interface allow you to simply upload and go.  

What’s Included

  • Pre-built data layers: 
    • 3D mesh 
    • Point clouds 
    • Digital elevation models (DEM) 
    • Terrain 
    • Contour 
    • 2D orthophoto  
  • Thermal mapping and modeling
  •  AI detection assist
  • Change-over-time visualization
  • Calculate volumes, measure distances, grades, and more
  • Image light enhancement tools
  • Export types: LAS/LAZ, OBJ, DXF, GeoTIFF, and GeoJSON 
  • 40+ pre-defined asset types for automatic processing  
  • Retain full image resolution 
  • Upload, stream, edit and annotate videos and 360 images  
  • Export types: LAS/LAZ, OBJ, and GeoTIFF  
  • Secure cloud-computing and visualization 
  • No downloads or hardware needed for data processing
  • Advanced reporting tools include stockpile analysis, annotation, and inspection reports in PDF format
  • Email and chat support  
  • API access  
  • Browser-based platform 
  • Secure, cloud-based solution with room for all your data   
  • Intuitive user interface

Transparent, usage-based pricing

Our pricing is based on gigapixel processing which is chosen annually by an estimated data consumption. All data storage for your assets is included. Learn more about our plans.  

Looking for a U.S. government solution? Learn more.  

Easy to implement

Decide how much data you plan to use for the year, how many years for data retention, the number of user licenses, and start processing your data. It’s as easy as that!