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gNext for Utility and Distribution Inspection

Lower costs, reduce downtime, and perform remote inspections with our proprietary photogrammetry software


Perform safer utility inspections

gNext drone inspection software automatically processes your drone data for utility and distribution infrastructure like substations, power plants, utility towers, transmission lines, utility poles, pipelines, wind turbines, oil rigs, and refineries. Get 2D and 3D visualizations of your inspections, reporting, analytics, cloud storage, document management, and more. The gNext Platform offers the following benefits:

Inspect remotely

Reduce downtime

Faster inspections

Reduce costs

Improve safety

Change over time comparisons

How It Works

1. Collect data for your site survey to inspect and plan repairs. You can collect it by drone, vehicle, or even in person — video or images.

2. Upload data to our secure cloud-based platform for processing. All you need is a browser connection. No software downloads.

3. Visually review data with a 2D orthomosaic or 3D model. Collaborate with your team wherever they are.

4. Take action faster with data for better site surveys, quality inspections, and continued maintenance.

Inspect utility infrastructure remotely

Automatically process your image or video data for your energy and utility infrastructure, allowing for more precise inspection, planning, design, and maintenance.

  • Choose from pre-selected asset types to get the most accurate model for substations, power plants, utility towers, transmission lines, utility poles, pipelines, wind turbines, oil rigs, and refineries
  • Monitor assets in 3D, 2D, Mesh, PlanView, Elevation, Contour, Point Cloud, and DTM models
  • No image down sampling for the highest quality model
  • Instantly pull together reports of your findings- get access to inspection, annotation, and stockpile analysis reports

Reduce downtime

Predict maintenance needs by monitoring the performance of your equipment with a digital twin. More easily identify potential design flaws or equipment failures, so you can act before a failure or outage occurs.

  • Machine learning and AI assist in detecting features of interest, areas of vulnerability, and more 
  • Leverage change-over-time visualization with multiple data sets  to spot areas of damage or decay 

Get faster inspections

Automate inspections, remotely diagnose damage, and get a full picture of substations or transmission and distribution line conditions without climbing, using cherry pickers, or helicopters.  

  • Automatic model processing
  • Complete full inspections using the in-app tools: calculate volumes, measure distances and grades, brighten dark images, annotate, and add documents
  • View drone images against the project for an easy point of reference against your digital twin

Reduce costs

Reduce the need for physical prototypes or costly on-site visits for maintenance or repair. Diagnose problems and test solutions virtually, which can minimize downtime and prevent the need for expensive repairs.

  • Measure spaces, draw, and annotate directly on your model or images to communicate with team members the precise location of planned installations 
  • Reduce the amount of staff required for an inspection
  • Access your projects on any internet-connected device with only a web browser

Monitor assets with change over time comparison

Compare models in 2D or 3D to detect the differences between them. Compare geometry, 3D annotations, volume, surface area, center of mass, etc. Detecting and fixing errors can save you time and money.

  • Detect translation errors, geometry/design defects or changes, quality defects or changes, revisions: intended or unintended, and part or assembly structure
  • Export types include: LAS/LAZ, OBJ, GeoTIFF, GeoJASON, and DXF

Bring all your inspection data into one place

Have one central and secure place for your utility and distribution inspections. Visualizing large and complex utility and distribution infrastructure makes it easier for engineers, technicians, and other stakeholders to understand how they work and where potential problems may arise.

  • Secure, cloud-based solution with room for all your data    
  • Store video, images, documents, and other data 
  • Includes a secure document management system that supports PDF uploads
  • Attach documents relevant to the inspected asset, such as prior inspection reports, material tests, and plan views
  • Share models and maps with co-workers, clients, and stakeholders without having to use an extra login
  • Generate pdf reports for inspections, annotations, and stockpile analysis

Easy to implement

No special training or photogrammetry skills are needed to use the gNext Platform. Our automatic processing and intuitive user interface allow you to simply upload and go.

Not using drones yet? No worries. You can use a combination of images- 360 or standard camera- or video to capture and document current conditions. Need help choosing a drone? We can point you in the right direction through our drone partners.

  • Compatible with all drones and sensors
  • Browser-based platform – no software downloads or installations required  
  • Works on desktop, tablet, and mobile
  • API access  
  • Gigapixel processing allowance based on annual estimated data consumption  
  • Email and chat support 
  • Automatic cloud integration with Skydio 3D Scan autonomous drones