Effective management of landfill sites is key to safety, environmental protection, and site longevity. Highly accurate 3 D models and point clouds are now tools to assist in planning for safety and future expansion.

Increase Productivity and Performance

The gNext Platform is a cloud-based solution that automates the mapping process and provides actionable and insightful data to assist with compliance reporting and daily operational management. Included features enable effective air-space management, site utilization, and compaction rate calculations.

waste management - blue dumpster being emptied in landfill

Plan for Growth

Create complex 3D models or Orthomosaic maps to fully understand current site status. Online tools allow you to plan for growth through efficient compaction management. Elevation mapping helps you maximize cell management.

Collaborate Easily

Share models and maps with all stakeholders for collaborative decision making to lower costs, save time, and increase the safety of your waste management site.

Extend Site Life

Understanding site conditions today allows for responsible airspace management and site extension. Tracking and managing compaction rates are important elements to increasing the productive life of your cells. Good analytics, captured regularly, are key in achieving both.