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gNext for Water Infrastructure Inspection

Monitor current conditions, avoid service disruptions, plan for capital expenses, and keep your asset data in one place


Get the most effective method to inspect your water infrastructure 

Aging water infrastructure can lead to pipe failures, damage, and loss of revenue. gNext drone inspection software automatically processes your drone data for dams, reservoirs, water cooling towers, water piping and storage units, and above ground water distribution and treatment infrastructure. You’ll get 2D and 3D visualizations of your inspections, reporting, analytics, cloud storage, document management, collaboration, and more. More benefits include:  

Monitor Conditions

Manage Assets

Avoid Service Disruption

Capital Planning

Easy to Use


How It Works

1. Collect data for your site survey to inspect and plan and maintain water infrastructure. You can collect it by drone, vehicle, or even in person – video or images.

2. Upload data to our secure cloud-based platform for processing. All you need is a browser connection. No software downloads.

3. Visually review data with a 2D orthomosiac or 3D model. Collaborate with your team wherever they are. 

4. Take action faster with data and reports for better site surveys, quality inspections, and continued maintenance.

Monitor conditions no matter where you are

Collect your water infrastructure footage and process with gNext for insight into current operating condition. Record cracks forming in concrete and pipes faster than a manual inspection to better plan for maintenance and avoid service disruption. 

  • Choose from pre-selected asset types to get the most accurate model for dams, reservoirs, water cooling towers, water piping and storage units, and above ground water distribution and treatment infrastructure. 
  • Model layers include 3D mesh, point clouds, digital elevation models (DEM), terrain, contour and 2D orthophoto  
  • No image down sampling for the highest quality model
  • Upload, stream, edit and annotate videos and 360 images  

Save on costs with good asset management

Maintaining your water infrastructure in a sound and reliable condition will minimize life cycle costs, significantly reduce operating and maintenance costs, as well as long-term capital expenses. With gNext, you’ll know what your assets and infrastructure look like anytime through high-quality models with access to the original images. 

  • Automatically detect defects through AI InspectAssist™ 
  • View change over time with advanced geometric change detection algorithms
  • Draw, measure, and mark on models  
  • Calculate volumes, measure distances, grades, and more    
  • Light enhancement tools to brighten dark images and examine defect detail 

Avoid service disruptions

Better access to system assets and their condition means that unexpected failures are less likely, in turn minimizing emergency repairs, costly lawsuits and customer relations problems. Assessing the risk implications of asset failure helps focus resources on critical priorities and reduces overall risk to the utility.

Plan for capital expenses

By relating costs to asset condition and conducting long term planning for each asset, decision makers get the facts they need to help sustain water infrastructure. 

  • Reports export to PDF, so they can be shared with anyone  
  • Advanced reporting tools include stockpile analysis, annotation, and inspection reports in PDF format   
  • Export types: LAS/LAZ, OBJ, GeoTIFF, GeoJASON, and DXF   

Keep one secure place for all your water infrastructure asset data

Keep one source of truth for the easiest and most secure data management on your water infrastructure assets. Having a virtual repository for your videos, images, and other data makes it easy to track and manage conditions and save resources. View change-over-time comparisons of past inspections in one place.  

  • Secure, cloud-based solution with room for all your data    
  • View the original images against the project for an easy point of reference
Manage all your assets in the gNext Platform. See them on a map for an overview of asset locations.

Collaborate in real time with all stakeholders

gNext software screen for sharing and collaborating

Share your projects with co-workers or clients to keep the right people involved and projects on track. 

  • Set project access by on role 
  • Draw and annotate directly on your model or images to communicate with team members and create reports   
  • Access your projects on any internet-connected device with only a browser   
  • Share the model for stakeholders or clients to review, without an extra login

Easy to implement

No special training or photogrammetry skills are needed to use the gNext Platform. Our automatic processing and intuitive user interface allow you to simply upload and go.

Not using drones yet? No worries. You can use a combination of images (360 or standard camera) or videos to capture and document current conditions. Need help choosing a drone? We can point you in the right direction through our drone partners.

  • Compatible with all drones and sensors 
  • Browser-based platform – no software downloads or installations required   
  • Works on desktop, tablet, and mobile 
  • API access   
  • Gigapixel processing allowance based on annual estimated data consumption   
  • Email and chat support  
  • Platform integration with Skydio Cloud, eliminating manual uploads