gNext Plans

The gNext Platform pricing is based on annual data consumption and is measured in gigapixels.

Annual Plan

Transform your inspection data into actionable insights with best-in-class inspection platform.

  • Digital Inspections
  • Data Management and Visualization Platform
  • Includes Photogrammetry Processing
  • Support for Small and Large-Scale Projects
  • Powerful Analytics
  • API Access
  • Exceptional Support

Government Services

We offer a premiere solution for Federal, State, and Local governments.

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Gigapixel Calculator

Estimated Gigapixels per Dataset

0.0 GP

Estimated Gigapixels per Year

0.0 GP

How do the plans work?

gNext pricing plans are based on Gigapixels. Gigapixels (GP) is a measurement of the total amount of image data that goes into producing your digital twin.

How many Gigapixels will it take to conduct an effective inspection?

The amount will vary depending on the resolution of your camera and the number of images you capture. The number of images required is dependent on the size of the infrastructure inspected.

Do Gigapixels roll over from year to year?

Yes, your Gigapixels will roll over year to year if you have a multi-year plan. One-off plans or 12-month plans are not eligible for roll over.